Minthis Hills 2016 Junior Open
May 19, 2016

See the poster with competition and entry details on the CGF Facebook website

National Team help the young "Mini Nationals" to improve
March 09, 2014

Andrew Heaps initiative to help improve the skills of our younger childrenis well and truly underway. Each National Team member has promised to help our younger nationals by taking them onto the course and mentoring them. So Far Jessica Heap has taken two groups of children onto the course at Elea Estate GC. Pictured here is Chris Lambert aged 17 just after taking Jack Dyer (left) aged 9 and Luke Kashoulis (right) aged 12 onto the course at Secret Valley GC.

Andrew Heaps idea endorsed by the CGF is to help the younger children, attached to the National Trainees, with rules and etiquette, card marking and pace of play etc. Over the next few weeks all of the children in The Mini Nationals will get to play with members of the National Team. The success of this scheme will undoubtedly impact on the future of our future National Team. Well done Jessica and Chris.


February 28, 2014

From November all of the academies in Cyprus will be using the new "Web based" Passport Scheme. Each child will still have a paper Passports and certificates etc but they, and their coaches will have access to all their progress records on The Junior Golf Passport web site. This is great new fo us as we will be communicating with the children in the way they know best - ON THE WEB. They will also be able to keep up with the fun by following the scheme on Facebook. They will be able to follow all the news from around the world of other children using the scheme.

December 15, 2013

A new and challenging competition is being organised. The competition will be a five match series of Match Play, Singles, Team Events. "The Best Club" winner will be decided by the team that produces the biggest margin of beating the Junior Team, HOWEVER if we  WE win them all then "The Best Club" will be decided by the smallest margin of loss.

Each golf club in the Paphos area has been challenged to a match of their clubs players against The National Junior Team's best players. As an added bonus the Professional Golfers Association of Cyprus (PGA) have also thrown their hat into the ring by offering their own challenge to our team, this will be one to watch.

This is a great innovation dreamed up and run by by Andrew Heap (Jessicas Dad) so that our best players get get some more, challenging games to help sharpen their skills. Since returning home from The Faldo Series in Greece, the National Junior Team are fired up and ready to take on anyone. The first matches to be confirmed are

15th December-Elea
22nd December-secret valley 1st Tee time 10am
19th January-Minthis Hills

 Team left to right:- Back row Constantinos, Jessica, PavlosFront row Nikolas and Alex